1. What is adoption?
    1. Adoption is the permanent, legal transfer of all parental rights from one person or couple to another person or couple. Adoptive parents have the same rights and responsibilities as parents whose children are born to them. Adoptive parents are real parents and adoptive children have all the emotional, social, legal and kinship benefits of birth children.
  2. How do I decide if adoption is right for me?
    1. Everyone has different circumstances as well as desires for their family. With a little effort, you’ll find that adoption can be the right choice for you as you see your child flourish in your loving home.
  3. What kind of people adopt?
    1. While there is no “typical adoptive family” it is true that they have all started with the desire of a child as their motivation. They have all asked many of the same questions, been through the same process and have all waited for their child to finally come home. These families may be adopting because they cannot have children or they may feel that they have the ability to help raise and care for another child. While each and every adoptive family is different, they have all one thing in common; the desire to love and give a safe, happy home to a child in need.
  4. What kind of children are waiting?
    1. If you choose to work with our Intercountry Adoption Program, children from various countries range in the ages of 0-16 years of age. The California’s Waiting Children Program (Fost Adopt) has children of all ages and races available. Our Infant Placement Program can assist birthmothers in placing their newborn infants with local families. Adoption Horizons is happy to help you find the child that you would best be able to welcome into your home.
  5. How much does it cost? Do I have to have a lot of money?
    1. Adoption fees vary from state-to-state and depend on the type of program you choose. There are always basic fees included with an adoption program, but total costs vary between each of them. Our program manager is here to help you sort out which program fits your budget. Some parents qualify to receive financial assistance from the state when adopting from foster care, and most qualify for an adoption tax credit of $10,160 in either foster care, domestic, or international adoptions. Not all families who choose to adopt are wealthy. Many of them borrow money through loans and refinancing, some find that relatives are excited to give an early inheritance, and others have found grants and adoption loan programs. We have had many families who have had to weigh their financing options. Any one of them would be willing to discuss their thoughts and decisions with you. Please call our office for more information.
  6. Where does the money go?
    1. Fees vary within each program. For a breakdown of fees, please contact the office. You can see a summary of fees at “Fees & Tax Credit”.
  7. How long does it take?
    1. The length of your adoption process will vary depending on the program you choose. The adoption process always includes: i. An orientation meeting ii. A private consultation with the agency director iii. A homestudy period which includes four meetings with an agency social worker iv. A referral or search process to match you with a child v. A six month finalization period The usual range of time it takes to complete an adoption is anywhere from 1-2 years.
  8. Why does it take so long?
  9. What are the requirements?
    1. You must be between twenty-five and sixty years of age
    2. If married, you must have been married for at least one year (some exceptions are made to this requirement)
    3. You must be financially qualified to meet the costs of your adoption
    4. You must have a suitable home and room for a child
    5. You must be able to financially support an additional child
    6. You must be able to work within a time frame of one to two years
    7. You must be able to pass a criminal record clearance
    8. You must be free from substance abuse
    9. You must live a life free from violence and abuse
    10. You must have a stable marriage
    11. You must be in agreement as a couple
  10. Is there anything that would disqualify me?
  11. I’m single, can I still adopt?
  12. I’m older, can I still adopt?
  13. I am disabled, can I still adopt?
  14. Why do I have to have a homestudy?
  15. Will I be able to get an infant or only an older child?