“We always knew there were a lot of terrific children out there waiting to be adopted. Adoption was not our only means to start a new family, but it felt like the most rewarding one. We were very nervous at first and were surprised how quickly Tiana was placed with us and the adoption finalized. We are definitely thrilled at how perfect a match Tiana was for us. We are thankful everyday of our lives that we chose adoption. Tiana completes us.”
Jim & Tanya, California’s Waiting Children Program

“We are so happy to have Zoe as part of our family. She is such a happy baby. It was wonderful being there from the very beginning of her life. Being able to work closely with Zoe’s birthmother was great too. It allowed us to be there for Zoe’s birth. We are so happy that we chose to work with Adoption Horizons and when we are ready we will definitely choose to work with Adoption Horizons again to adopt a baby brother or sister for Zoe.”
Andy & Susan, Infant Placement Program

“We have been privileged to build our family through the miracle of adoption. We have never considered this to be a “second best” option. Rather, it has been a different path, leading to the same destination. Indeed, we have always considered the “gotcha” moments to be the equivalent of the birth delivery of a child, no less lacking in emotion and intensity. Initially, we had settled at adopting three children, although Paul had personally always loved the idea of having four. When we adopted Rachel a happy compromise had been struck, and we would happily go through life as a family of five. A funny thing happened through on this journey as a family of five, Rachel is going to become a virtual twin, as we are now in the process of adopting a little boy from China that is three weeks older than she. We do not think of Joshua, Rachel and Sarah as our “adopted children”, they are the light of our lives, and the same holds true for Daniel who is soon to join the family.”
Paul & Conna, International Program

“If it were not for Adoption Horizons, Jennaka and I would not have each other. I am grateful and thankful daily for the work you all do. It truly has brought much more meaning to my life. My baby starts kindergarten in August. Where has the time gone”
Lisa, Single Mom International Program

“As the lucky father of a wonderful son, placed from your Infant Placement Program, my wife and I always hold a place in our heart for Daniel’s birthmother. Our ongoing relationship with her continues to reinforce our belief that this was a great choice for all of us.”
Alan & Sarah, Infant Placement Program

“My name is Victoria. I placed a baby for adoption through Adoption Horizons Infant Placement Program. Becoming involved with the Infant Placement Program, I soon realized there was a lot to the adoption process. I received materials that helped me explore the option of adoption and parenting. While a difficult decision, these materials helped me explore my feelings by myself and without pressure. Because of the counseling offered, I could then later explore sections of the book with my counselor.

As part of my adoption program, I received $2,000 for my Educational/Vocational Trust Fund. This funding has helped me in so many ways. I have purchased a computer for school, bought buss passes for transportation, and paid for books. All of these items, which are essential for returning to school, would not have been covered by any other funding sources. Aside from the practical things the Trust has done for me, it has also been a huge encouragement in my return to advanced schooling. Being in school has changed me too. I now feel like I am doing something for myself and my future. I feel I am becoming a better person who is learning.

My 9 year-old daughter is very proud of me as well. When she sees me pursuing my education, it encourages her to want to go to college. Not only am I a happier person but I am also a better role model for my daughter.

Without the Trust Fund I am not sure if I would have had enough motivation to return to school. This has given me motivation and provided an escape to a better future. Thanks to everyone at Adoption Horizons.”
Local Birthmother

“I would like to acknowledge Adoption Horizons for freely donating their time and materials to the Young Men as Fathers Program. For the past two years Adoption Horizons has been presenting information and educating students in this program about the option of adoption and misconceptions about adoption. Not only are their presentations educational, they are also entertaining and personable. The students and classrooms are presented with materials, such as booklets and brochures, which Adoption Horizons delivers free of charge. Again, I would like to thank Adoption Horizons for these services that they provide to help educate students in regards to adoption.”
Trevor, Teacher

“I am happy I chose to place my baby for adoption. I was sad, but on looking back it was a desperate time for me that ended like a Cinderella story. I love Zoe’s adopted parents, they are real people. They couldn’t have their own kids, and we went through the birth process together. Just before Zoe’s birth the adoptive mom, Susan, and I put on makeup together to look good for baby Zoe. Andy, the adoptive dad, cut the cord when she was born.

Placing a child for adoption is a hard decision. I needed grieving time. After I visited Zoe and she showed me her room and her toys, I knew she was happy and in a wonderful home. I haven’t cried since. I receive pictures and ma part of her baby book as the natural mom. I knew when she walked at ten months and when she talked. I did not want the adoption to be a secret and have Zoe left with questions about her life and identity.

For me, adoption was the best choice. I hope many others in a crisis situation will have Adoption Horizons materials presented as an option to consider.”
Local Birthmother

“As Paula and I can attest, the recent, successful and timely Fost-Adopt placement and adoption of James and Amber to our family has fulfilled a long awaited desire to have and hold children in our hearts, home and family. This experience affirms our belief that there is an abundance of California kids awaiting and in need of adoptive parents and that Adoption Horizons can be an answer to both a child and parents prayer alike.”
Ralph & Paula, California’s Waiting Children Program

“We had lived together for about 26 years and we always said that if we came to a place in our lives that we could have children, we would adopt them. By the time we were ready we were then almost 51 and 48 years old and we were quite nervous about our prospects for acceptance by an agency because of our ages. We were soon to meet several other families who were of similar ages and circumstances. When Ray suggested that we shoot for our ideal family, a boy and a girl, we were again wondering if the agency would actually think that we were out of our minds. They didn’t! We weren’t! Good fortune and circumstances conspired to give us children who are twins in age, and our lives are so rich and full that we cant imagine what took us so long.”
Ray & Angela, International Program