Are you pregnant and concerned about your future?

Adoption Horizons can help!
-We provide no cost adoption options counseling
-We help connect you with community resources
-We provide adoption planning
-We facilitate the adoption process
-We provide postpartum counseling
-Upon Placement, we provide an Educational/Vocational Trust Fund

**We do not provide housing or in-home care

Options Counseling
Our licensed therapist is available to meet with you at least three sessions to explore the option of adoption. You will received step-by-step information on what transpires during the adoption process as well as legal information on your rights and responsibilities. This is a free service with no pressure.

Connecting with Community Resource
As you explore your needs, our therapist will make recommendations and referrals to existing resources. We will empower and aid you to get the services you need to have a healthy stable pregnancy.

Adoption Planning
Once a decision has been reached to pursue adoptive placement, we will begin the process of developing an adoption plan, which will extend through the birth and beyond. Adoption planning will include matching with a family, developing a hospital plan, developing a visitation agreement, preparing for re-entry after the birth and future career and personal development.

Postpartum Counseling
Placing a baby for adoption is a big decision! Giving birth and actually making the placement is even bigger. We will be there for you throughout entire process and will encourage you to participate in our postpartum counseling program which provides you with 6 months of free counseling. Special consideration will be given to your future goals and dreams.

Educational/Vocational Trust Fund
Once you have placed your baby, an Educational/Vocational Trust Fund will be established in your name. You may use this to better yourself. Consideration towards work or educational development are encouraged. Your trust fund is good for two years. Find out more about this fund by visiting our Educational/Vocational Trust Fund page.

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