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Placement Process

Before the birth of your child, you will complete a phone consultation with agency staff. You will then receive program materials and when you’re ready, complete an intake appointment with a program worker.

Decision Making
You will then meet with our program worker and review adoption materials. We will provide you with a birthmother mentor, someone who has been in your position before and has had to make the same decision as you are facing.

Program Commitment
You will sign a Statement of Commitment that you are planning on working with Adoption Horizons only during this process and that you are planning on continuing with the adoption plan.

You will then confirm your pregnancy if you have not already done so.

You will complete required paperwork and medical testing information and turn in to your program worker. You will also have weekly meetings with your program worker.

Match Services
If you have chosen open adoption you will be given a preference sheet to complete, which will tell us what kind of family you would like to adopt your child. We will then give you family profiles that closely match your preferences to review. During this time you will also choose your hospital services.

If desired, you will meet with your chosen family and begin visits with them to get to know them better, although this is not necessary if you want a closed adoption.

Before the birth of your baby you will finalize your hospital plan. You will discuss your delivery and placement plan with the agency staff and we will inform the hospital of your choices. You will then complete the required hospital paperwork.

After Care/ Trust Fund
If you have chosen open adoption, you may get visits, cards and photos from the adoptive family. Adoption Horizons will help you after the adoption with post-partum counseling, re-entering the community and family, assessing community resources, and with your future plans and goals.

You will then qualify for our Educational/Vocational Trust Fund. Find out more about this fund here.