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Donor FAQs

1. Are my donations really needed?
Each and every donation is valued at Adoption Horizons. We operate on a very small budget that often does not allow for development. Donations help to fund future projects and expansion.

2. Where do my donations go?
General donations are logged into the General Fund which has an established Budget approved by the Board of Directors. These donations go to pay for general expenses during the year. Designated donations are entered into the General Fund but are earmarked for specific projects. Because of this, they are only spent on what they were designated for.

3. Why are donations important?
Donations are important because they greatly supplement the work of Adoption Horizons. Anytime a donation is received, it will off-set the use of our major source of funding which is client fees.

4. Can I get a tax credit for my donation?
This depends a lot on your tax situation, but the general answer is yes. As a non-profit, we can offer donors a tax deduction receipt which can be used when you file your income taxes.