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Endowment Fund

Adoption Horizons was founded in 1982 by two adoptive parents, Kathleen Zamboni and Sue Andrews who hoped to bring new energy and ideas to the field of adoption. Adoption Horizons has provided continuous service since 1982 and is close to celebrating 22 years in business.

During this time, Adoption Horizons has placed nearly 400 children from local birth mothers, foster care and international sources. All the children placed come to mature, loving and prepared homes. Changing lives, a child at a time, has been our ongoing mission.

The Adoption Horizons Endowment Fund was created to support the continued work of the agency. 96% of the revenues supporting this agency come from fees for service. In establishing the Fund, Adoption Horizons has created another way that the commuity can support the valuable work of the agency.

Adoption Horizons has sound business practices and management and a strong Board of Directors.

For more information about donating to this fund, please contact Cindy Savage, our Executive Director, at (707) 444-9909.