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Key Points

Adoption Inquiry Phase:
Initial phone inquiry
Information packet
Meet-the-Agency Night (3rd Wednesday of each month)
Private, individual, free consultation
Application packet: $75.00
A motivated person can easily complete this process in one to four weeks

Application & Approval Phase:
Submit application
Contract for services
Pay homestudy/program fees
Contact other adoptive parents
Collect all documents for homestudy
Program selection (if not already made)
Complete homestudy meetings
Start to prepare dossier or presentation packet
Complete foster care licensing
Complete adoption education classes
A motivated person can easily complete this process in 90 days

Waiting / Search and Referral Phase:
Lasts two months-two years (depends on the program)
Review or accept referral
Meet birthparents
Meet with agency to discuss referral
Sign a post placement contract
Most difficult phase of the adoption process
Contact support families during this phase
Multiple visits with the child
Travel to get the child

Post Placement/Legal Adoption Phase:
Give key documents to Adoption Horizons finalization clerk
Attend monthly post placement meetings
Settle your child in
Ask for adjustment and guidance
Start counseling (for children over four years or special cases)
Connect with other adoptive parents

California’s Waiting Children Program:
Thousands of children are waiting in California
We work with 90 state/county agencies
You do not need to go through concurrent planning (reunification visits with birthparents)
Adoption subsidies are available
Siblings, younger or older, and children of color are available
Children available from infant to eighteen years
-Costs $10,000

Infant Placement Program:
Adoption Horizons works with a limited number of birthmothers each year
You must select another program first
You must be willing to consider a variety of background situations including drug/alcohol exposures
You must be open to meeting and having connections with birthparents
You must be willing to work with multiple service providers
There may be additional fees required
Costs $13,000-15,000

Intercountry Adoption Program:
There are programs from many foreign countries
Singles or couples may adopt
Children are available from ages six months-sixteen years
Most often, travel is required
The child’s adoption is finalized in foreign country (if both parents travel)
Children automatically become U.S. citizens (if both parents travel)
Costs $20,000 and up

You must be between twenty-five and sixty years of age
If married, you must have been married for at least one year (some exceptions are made to this requirement)
You must be financially qualified to meet the costs of your adoption
You must have a suitable home and room for a child
You must be able to financially support an additional child
You must be able to work within a timeframe of one to two years
You must be able to pass a criminal record clearance
You must be free from substance abuse
You must live a life free from violence and abuse
You must have a stable marriage
You must be in agreement as a couple