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Infant Placement Program

In 1990, Adoption Horizons launched its Infant Placement Program, formerly called the Birth Parent Center, to serve local pregnant women and their children. Since it’s founding, over sixty infants have been placed directly with their adoptive parents.

The newly reorganized Infant Placement Program differs from other independent adoption programs. Our program is geared exclusively for women who want to improve themselves through the process of adoption. Our Educational/Vocational Trust Fund encourages young women to think beyond today’s circumstances and into their future of career development and education. We have established an Educational/Vocational trust fund for birthmothers that supports their goals and development. Each placing birthparent is eligible for up to $2,000 (some restrictions apply) in Educational/Vocational funds.

All independent adoptions are considered “open”, and the family selection is made by the placing parents. The degree of openness varies from case-to-case. After the birth of the child, and when the birthmother signs the placement agreement, she must know the name, address, history and other pertinent information about the adoptive parents. Some adoptions can be closed or confidential, but these are done with agencies that accept relinquishments, not consent adoptions such as done by the Infant Placement Program of Adoption Horizons.

Adoption Horizons assists the family through the matching and legal processes, as well as counsels and supports the birthmother. A family must be willing to work with an attorney, an Adoption Service Provider, California State Adoptions, and a psychologist (if needed to prove the birth parent’s competency).

All birthparents placing independently need to be “advised” regarding their placement. There are legal timeframes for completing this paperwork. A birthmother cannot “place” her child or sign placement papers until after the baby is born. Birthfathers and husbands must also be legally noticed or advised for consent. Adoption Horizons will provide guidance and/or make legal arrangements for these processes.

We allow families to join a waiting list for this program after they have signed up for one of our other programs.

You may be eligible for this program if:
You are open to having a child placed from birth
You are interested in open adoption
You can work with a birthparent
You are open to adopting a child from various background situations
You begin another Adoption Horizons program prior to joining a waiting list for the Infant Placement Program
You are willing to work with additional service providers