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Intercountry Adoption Program

If it is your desire to parent a child as young as six months, to have a more concise time frame, and to perhaps visit a foreign country or learn about other cultures, then Intercountry adoption may be the program choice for you. You do not have to speak a foreign language, or for that matter, have ever flown on an airplane before to participate in an Intercountry adoption. Most families express a high degree of satisfaction with the Intercountry adoption process because of the young age of the children and excitement associated with the process. There are many local families who have children adopted from many different countries, as well as families with older children, who would love to share with you and support you through the Intercountry Adoption Program process. These families come in many shapes and sizes. Some of them have adopted infants, some older children, even some adopted siblings or special needs children.

When families come to Adoption Horizons interested in Intercountry adoption, they are often motivated by past cultural experiences. Other families like the idea that they can get a relatively healthy, young child. Adoption Horizons takes care to ensure that a family has the appropriate cultural sensitivity to raise a child who is from another country.

Adoption Horizons has a large network of local families who have successfully completed Intercountry adoptions. Often there are activities and other cultural events to participate in. Many families take great pride in maintaining their child’s cultural heritage.

After the homestudy process begins, the family will be asked to process papers with the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Service and begin preparing their dossier (a fancy word for family specific or identification paperwork) that will be sent to the foreign country. Once the dossier is sent, the family waits for a child assignment. The waiting time will vary from program to program but usually lasts one year or more.

After a child is assigned, the family prepares for travel (if applicable). When the family travels and receives the child, the legal adoption will take place in the foreign country. If both parents travel, the child will automatically become a U.S. citizen upon return to the United States. Once home, the family will work on adjustment issues and complete the post placement supervision. Although a family has finalized their adoption in the foreign country, they will also be asked to re-finalize in California.

Each country and program have specific age, marital, paperwork, and child requirements. Adoption Horizons must comply fully with these. A family must work with a program director to select a program that is right for their family. Along with individual requirements, the foreign country decides what child the family will be matched with and when the family can travel to pick up their child.

You may be a good candidate for the Intercountry Adoption Program if:
You have cultural awareness
You like to travel
You enjoy diverse people groups
You can parent a child of a different race
You desire a young, healthy child

Learn more about Intercountry Adoption: International (Intercountry) Adoption Information (Travel.State.Gov)